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Commercial Viability Opinions

While we can assist you with, Drafting and prosecution of patent, designs and trade marks applications; Clearance searches and freedom to operate reports; Product and patent infringement and validity analysis ; Due diligence reports for investment and acquisition and International portfolio management it is often a good idea to obtain a Commercial Viability Opinion on the exploitation of your invetion. This essentially lists the various factors that will have a significant influence over your product's success, such as:-

  1. Development / production cost;
  2. Whether your product / idea could be implemented at reasonable cost;
  3. Capital to exploit the idea further, for example to make some working prototypes, and for sales and marketing [Angel Investment? Bank? Savings?All of whom may need some sort of exclusivity];
  4. Day to day Research and Development; [Do you need to commission a specialist researcher/ freelancer, instead of outsourcing]
  5. Quality control, speed or ease of altering prototypes.
  6. Is there a licensing or collaborative strategy, for example to establish joint ventures?
  7. Maybe your idea doesn't need protection.
  8. Is it a financially viable idea or has better prospects in franchising or open source
  9. Do you know your idea 's production rates, royalty percentages, and production life?
  10. Are you ready to negotiate a compromise with someone who could seamlessly take it forward quicker?

All these factors are important because they will provide you with a bigger picture on the practical factors which you should seriously consider before moving forward any further with your product idea/ invention.

Whether you are a Multinational corporation, University Research Department, law practice or start-up / spin-off company, we will assign a specialist team to provide you with technical competencies that are specific to your IP protection needs.

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