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Document Review

We offer document review services in order to establish among other factors, the relevance, accuracy, responsiveness, privilege and confidentiality of documents.

Relevance - In lawsuits, during disclosure there is usually a need to establish if all the documents to be submitted/ received are material to the facts and issues.

Accuracy - The limits by which material submitted or contained in certain documents is accurate, or whether certain information is false/ misleading.

Responsiveness - To what extent do the documents address the case, or request in question. Identifying any requests which have not been satisfied.

Privilege - Identifying information that is subject to attorney-client privilege and / or privacy laws.

Confidentiality - Identifying and excluding documents which are confidential

For more information, contact us here for an initial assessment/ quote. Alterntatively you can email us on here or use our web forms to send us a message.
In order for your request to be processed speedily, you should include the number of pages of documents, boxes, batches , e.t.c for which this service is required, and any deadlines by which the documents must be submitted.