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It is always advisable to request a professional search prior to developing a product or design concept further. This is because it can ensure that you do not inadvertently infringe other people's Design Rights, since if a prior design right similar to your proposed design exists, then defending an infringement action can prove costly [in legal fees -if the design right owner decides to take action - and / or the subsequent rebranding exercise if you have already prepared materials with the unsearched design (brochures, decor, packaging, etc)]. This means that commissioning a professional design search prior to launching a new product onto the market has real commercial benefits. Our fees for design searches begin at £75.00 (including VAT):-

mancunium ip registered design search package


  Basic UK Registered Design Search £75.00   

If you would prefer discussing your specific requirements prior to requesting a search, contact us or fill in the form below ensuring that you provide a telephone number for us to contact you on.

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