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[UNDER CONSTRUCTION] Technologies offered for Sale, Licensing, Joint Venture & others
-> Technology, Know how & Patents

001. Method and Apparatus for Burst Water control.
002. Method and Apparatus for Building Access control.
003. Pet Amusement apparatus.
004. Improvements in Home recycling machines.
005. Improvements in Beverage Dispensers and Vending Machines.
006. Aeronautical Surveillance craft.
007. Automatic Meter reader system.
008. Domestic Alarm system.

-> Trade Marks, Brands and Logos

001. Auto industry/ auto maker Brand.
002. Healthcare Brand.
003. Recruitment Brand.
004. Leather goods and Bag Shop Brand.

-> Joint Venture, Collaborative Research and Development and Miscellaneous 

001. Joint Venture Offer
001. Consultancy Offer 

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