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The Innovator - IP & Technology briefings
Hello and welcome to our first 2012 newsletter! Now that the festive season is long behind us, its back to business as usual. And with a new year in full swing may come a new perspective, a new voice as well as new opportunities. We hope you will find this year's IP & industry specific updates from us relevant to your business, informative and not too much of a distraction.

Licensing Portfolio launch
We are working towards launching a specialised Licensing service that will establish an online portfolio listing general information on Inventions, Brands, Designs, Know-how and other IP, offered by clients for Licensing / Joint Venture purposes. This initiative will not only make the service more efficient, but it will also simplify the marketing efforts required to secure licensees since each IP right under management will achieve more exposure in multiple industries than would be the case had it been marketed only in its own industry. More information will be posted on our website here.★

Complimentary Services: Web Design & Search Engine Optimisation
Most of our clients are SME's with fewer than 10 full-time employees. As such time is an extremely valuable commodity and there is much in the way of getting to grips with the intricacies of the Web, Social Media, and SEO. But considering the growth in the numbers of people buying goods / services online (including price comparison), many business owners now realise that they cannot ignore the Internet as a source of additional/ supplemental revenue for too long.

Jee Dee Tools


It is with this frame of mind (as well as 'going the extra mile') that we have partnered with a Web Services outfit to assist our clients maximise their web presence, including help with Web design (or redesign), SEO and Social Media. If you would like to know more about how any of these can assist your business establish an effective online presence, then email us here. Whether its re-designing your site, setting-up and running targeted Adwords campaigns (recently they tweaked one that clocked 130 visitors in a single day!), Twitter accounts, LinkedIn and Facebook fan pages, where you can post details of your products, news, events, monitor your industry and find potential customers, then look no further.
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