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Ideally this is where it should all begin, in that in order to know what 'prior art' already exists in your particular field of technology, an applicant or inventor must request a pre-filing patent search before developing their invention concept any further.
The search may uncover material that anticipates the invention in question and that could pose a potential obstacle to the subsequent Patent application's success. Its main importance is that it prevents one incurring avoidable expenses if someone has already invented their invention, or something embodying an essential aspect of it is already present in the public domain.
Our fees for conducting a detailed clearance search covering the UK begin at £99.00.
What you get is:

mancunium searching man

  • A Clearance Patent Search and
  • A Search Report detailing prior art results
  • 7 day turnaround and

  • To order / request a Search, click the relevant order button below. Please note that your invention MUST NOT be disclosed anywhere on our website forms. Instead , do provide us with sufficient information (on the Paypal pages, or on the form below) to enable us to contact you.

    mancunium ip patent search package


       Basic Patent Search £99.00

    mancunium ip patent search package


       Clearance Search - with 2 hours free Patenting Advice £145.00

    For a more detailed search, for example a prior art Patent searches that covers the EU, you may find it useful to commission a pre-filing Search. Our fees for conducting a Pre-filing patent search begin at £250.00. What you get is:

  • An extensive new idea Patent Search
  • 3 hrs free access to IP Advice
  • Search Report detailing prior art results
  • Searching of documents in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese
  • A Prior art Validity opinion
  • A Commercial viability opinion

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    mancunium ip patent search package

      Detailed Patent Search £250.00

    If you are unsure whether your invention is new and / or 'patentable', or if you would like to know if applying for a patent is a suitable option, then do not hesitate to contact us for a confidential discussion.

    A patent search can also be useful tool if one requires technical information on the implementation of a specific technology used in their proposed product, as a search can provide important know-how of how others in the industry have done similar things in the past, or how past inventors have overcome certain problems. For more information visit the consulting section here

    Alternatively, you can fill the form below, or send us an email outlining your specific requirements. More information on:



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