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Trade Mark Search

Is your selected brand or logo already being used or registered as a Trade Mark by another business?

If you are unsure about this then you should consider requesting a Trade Mark search prior to developing your product or affixing labels bearing your proposed trade mark name or symbol for a number of reasons:

  • Prior rights The results will reveal whether the proposed name for a trade mark is being used by someone else for identical or similar goods or services in the jurisdiction in which you wish to protect that trade mark. For example , Apple Inc discovered that Cisco Technologies owned the rights to US Trade Mark registration number 2293011, for the word mark IPHONE

  • Significant Cost savings Which would otherwise be incurred through re-branding if it later transpires that a proposed mark was already in use by someone else for similar or identical goods or services, after you had already affixed your mark to your goods / labels.

  • Saves legal costs In terms of legal fees which may otherwise be incurred in an infringement action.

  • Common law rights It reduces the prospect of a third party (common right owner) bringing an action for passing off against you because of your use of that party's trade mark on your goods or services.

  • Our fees for a UK Trade Mark search covering 1 class is £99.00(inclusive of VAT).

    To request a Trade Mark Search, click on the relevant button below. You will be taken to a secure payment page, and after payment is received you will be presented a form on which you can provide further information on the scope of the search.

    mancunium ip trade marks bronze search package


      Basic UK Trade mark Search £99.00   

    mancunium ip trade marks search package


      UK Trade mark Search £115.00 - covering 2 classes   

    If Europe is one of your main markets, or you intend to export products being your Trade Mark into Europe in the near future, then you may find it useful to request a Search covering the whole EU (27 countries) as this may uncover Trade Marks that are in use in and around Europe, but probably not as common in the UK. Prices begin at £225.00.

    mancunium ip trade marks search package


      Advanced Trade mark Search (Europe-wide) £225.00   

    If you would like to register a series of marks, we are able to conduct searches on a series of similar marks,. although we would advise that you narrow down your range to 3 or 4 of each. However even if you were after a series, it is still advisable to carry out a full search once you have decided on a number of marks.

    If your circumstances are not covered anywhere on our website or you require searches in specific markets (for example the US, Canada, China, South Africa, Australia or Japan), or if you seek international protection (more information on the Madrid system for the international registration of marks here), then do not hesitate to contact us here to discuss your specific requirements.

    More information on Trade marks here

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