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Registered Trade Marks

A Trade Mark is any sign, capable of being represented graphically which can act as an indication of origin and quality of a product or a service.

Trade Marks are important because having invested a considerable amount of time and resources in developing and marketing a product or service, it is only fair that customers (or potential customers) should recognize your product or services as originating from you, and not anybody else. Furthermore since they are assets, then once registered they could increase the value of a business.

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    Trade marks are powerful business tools and may take various forms, such as a word, a logo, a shape, a sound or even a scent. For example, a main brand name such as Rolls Royce, Nintendo or Cadbury can be registered as Trade marks. So can company names such as Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Cadbury plc, Nintendo Co Ltd or Mancunium IP ; and sub brands such as Rolls Royce Phantom, Nintendo DS or Cadbury Bliss. in addition, packaging, colours and strap lines can also be registered as Trade Marks.

To protect a Trade Mark, it is often required to have the mark registered in the jurisdiction you wish it protected, although there are some common law rights which do not require registration, and which in some cases may be used to assert Trade Mark rights, these may not afford adequate protection in certain circumstances and a business owner generally stands in a better position if they have a registered right.

There are a number of 'regimes' of trade mark registration that award protection in the UK, across Europe, Africa or even Internationally. Among them is the Madrid system for protection of Trade Marks, the Community Trade Marks system. and the ARIPO system.

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Unsolicited Mail

Some companies have began contacting Intellectual Property owners directly offering a variety of 'registration services' in some "registers". Most of these companies provide nothing of value, but ask for significant sums of money in return for placing your trade marks or brands to appear in their registers. If you are unsure on the authenticity of any unsolicited letters asking you to pay money for such services, please do not hesitate to contact us for free advice.

For more information, see: WIPO.; Intellectual Property Office. 

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