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The Mancunium Way

We are genuinely passionate about helping our clients thrive in their businesses.
We believe that in order to deliver the best Service to our clients, it is vital that we fully understand their trade.

  • Bespoke and customized solutions:- Our services are designed with a broad spectrum of clients in mind.

  • Quality assurance:- With systematic monitoring and evaluation of every aspect of your application / project, we promise to deliver work of the highest standard.

  • Commercial awareness:- We genuinely care for the success of your business and will use every possible avenue to ensure that we maximise the full potential of your IP. We believe that ultimately, our clients success is our success, and will reflect well on our expertise. This helps us maintain focus towards achieving that goal.

  • Competitive pricing options:- We will provide you with our best possible quote for a particular job and will not exceed a quote without your prior agreement. Our rates are transparent, fair and competitive and reflect the amount of work we consider will be essential for a particular piece of work. We will clarify all official fees which are likely to be incurred in the course of an application and for each action we anticipate to undertake. If dealing internationally, our professional fees will usually include searches, the preparation of an application, filing and our international Associate's fees.

  • Unique manufacturing support:- While it is common for an inventor to receive a fragmented service from different service providers in the course of product development (for example some IP practitioners will rightly only handle the IPR aspects of an innovation, leaving the creator /inventor to sort out the rest of the product development), we provide our clients an option to work in collaboration with one of a number of prototype developers, including a key Asian based associate who will ensure that your idea is translated into a prototype safely and cost-effectively,ensuring that manufacturer identification and vetting; compliance with quality standards, ethical policies and suchlike are handled to a satisfactory standard, and saving you time and money.

  • Out of the box client care:- From alerting clients of important news in their industry, we work to maximise quality leads with a view to creating further business opportunities for our clients.

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  An idea, like a ghost, must be spoken to a little before it will explain itself.
  - Charles Dickens