Happy Birthday, Sliced Bread!

This month marks the 90th anniversary of the very first sliced bread patents.

By the late 1920’s the majority of bread baking was done in factories. The result was an incredibly soft bread loaf, which in turn, was incredibly difficult to slice at home with a traditional bread knife, yet factory slicing would result in the bread being stale before it was even sold.


Glasgow University pioneers free intellectual property for Industry

Glasgow University is carrying out a trial to provide free intellectual property to Industry.

In a first of its kind in the UK, the University will offer ground-breaking medical research and scientific technology to business and entrepreneurs free of charge.

It is hoped that speeding up IP tech transfer, the move will radically improve the implementation of academic research into useful commercial products, in the process making Glasgow University, the most progressive institution in the UK for IP knowledge.

More details can be found here.

PM announces tech city

The Prime minister recently set out the Government plans for a London East End to be transformed into a world-leading technology city to rival Silicon Valley. More details can be found here

Advanced Building Design

Mancunium IP’s clients, Stockport based Advanced Building Design (ABD), designers and manufacturers of patented central heating and plumbing tools who recently appeared on Dragon’s Den have began working with the Manufacturing Advisory Service with the hope of strengthening their marketing and order book skills. More information can be found here.

The inventor’s appeared on the BBC’s Dragon’s Den programme seeking £89,000 for a 15% stake in the business from the multimillionaire investors, to further develop and market their innovative range of inventions, which included unique products to enable builders, plumbers, heating engineers and decorators to easily remove radiators and change taps without too much hassle.

Unfortunately, despite the interest generated by the products, the investors did not make Graham and Phil an offer.

We assisted ABD with in their Patent applications for two of their inventions, including an application for a registered design. ABD have a range of other products in the pipeline and we hope to be of continued valuable service in safeguarding their IP rights.

IP as a Strategic Tool for Business

Mancunium IP team members Sang Nkhwazi and Rohan Patel are co-authors of an article in the Innovation Handbook, a publication now in its second edition, published by Kogan Page. The article, titled “IP in the New Economic Powers” provides a number of practical tips which innovative businesses and IP creators looking for new markets in emerging economies should consider before formally setting up their business. As an example, the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry in India is cited.

A note from the publisher reads:

” The Innovation Handbook provides a detailed examination of the process of innovation, and how to turn intellectual property into profitable products and services through copyright protection and enforcement, patents, brand protection and product registration.”