Copyright Infringement

What is copyright?

Copyright is a property right given to the creator of original work. The range of original work in which copyright subsists is quite substantial. These rights are awarded automatically and how long they last is dependent on the type of work protected. In the UK literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works have copyright lasting 70 years from the end of the calendar year in which the author of the work dies. Copyright can also extend to other countries through an international agreement such as the Berne Convention.


Patents County Court (Subsequently renamed IP Enterprise Court)

For most SME’s, having a practical, cost-effective plan for translating their company’s innovations into revenue is of paramount importance. Yet, not as many recognise the value locked-up in their Intellectual Property (patents, designs, trade marks, copyright and know-how). Although this is only a part of the bigger picture, a good strategy for generating, capturing and protecting IPRs will ensure that even SME’s do not miss out on opportunities that have a potential to create additional / supplementary revenue streams using. This may be achieved in a number of ways such licensing use of an IP right, but also through careful marking of products. But at times, there may be a need to send out warnings to competitors who may appear to be misusing, or who are actually infringing IPRs, including use of the court system / dispute resolution. More