Chartered Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys Franks & Co relocates to Cheadle Place, Stockport

Franks & Co, the European and Chartered Patent & Trade marks Attorneys have recently taken up office space in Cheadle Place, Cheadle Point, near Stockport.

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Sang Nkhwazi

Sang is a Patent & Trade Marks Representative & Director of Franks & Co Mancunium Ltd, a firm of European Patent & Trade Marks Attorneys based in Cheadle, Stockport. The firm advises on the protection and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and assists with the procedures involved in obtaining protection for inventions, trade marks, designs and artistic works. You can contact him on 0161 820 2891 or email
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Franks & Co’s founder, Dr. Robert Franks.

Franks & Co, the European and Chartered Patent & Trade marks Attorneys have taken up office space in Cheadle Place, Cheadle Point, near Stockport.

The firm, which employs 21 people across 3 offices in Northampton, Sheffield and now Cheadle has taken up office space from BizSpace, the serviced and virtual offices office provider that has over 100 locations across the UK.

Commenting on the move, Franks & Co.’s founder, Dr Robert B. Franks says:

“Our move to Stockport will enable us to provide a more streamlined service to our clients, and will put us in a position where we can more easily cater to firms in South Manchester and Cheshire. The office space market is moving away from inflexible long leases and towards shorter term fully serviced offices such as from We Work, Regus and Biz Space. Availability of easier access and parking for clients is an advantage of our new location.”

Franks & Co is a mid-size firm of European Patent attorneys with experience in helping companies consolidate and strengthen their IP rights. The company has over 22 years’ experience in Patents and Trade Marks matters, and has a diversified practice in Mechanical, Electronic, Chemical, Telecommunications & Life Sciences, and a strong trade marks and retails sector team. Their services are designed with a broad spectrum of clients in mind from small businesses to larger ones. With commercial experience in industries ranging from Electronics and Energy to Sports inventions and Consumer goods, and helping clients with licensing, portfolio management and branding, the firm is poised to help companies in South Manchester and Cheshire strengthen their IP positions. The Stockport office is the newest of the company’s offices.

Robert Franks again “The UK needs to be at the forefront of innovation, to make sure that our industries remain strong. We are playing our part in making sure that productive and innovative businesses are taking advantage of all the opportunities that are before them. One way to do this, is to ensure that businesses protect their IP positions as part of their product development processes, and are proactive in getting useful products to market, including licensing those rights internationally where applicable

Company Profile

Franks & Co.’s new address is: Cheadle Place, Cheadle Point, Stockport Road, Cheadle, SK8 2JX, UK. Tel: 0161 820 2891 Email: