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Monitoring patent applications

You can monitor a patent application to see how it is progressing, for example before deciding to make observations on it, by checking the search report, checking the parts of the application file that are open to public inspection, and by applying for a caveat so that you are informed when something happens to the application. Such information can help you see what your competitors are working on or whether a particular application has been abandoned or revoked, and can provide critical intelligence in your own business strategy. It can also provide information that may be of use during contentious actions, for example during infringement proceedings.


You can monitor the progress of someone else’s patent application or patent by registering a caveat with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

A caveat is notification that an action has taken place on a patent application or patent. The UK Intellectual Property will not tell the applicant or patent owner of the patent that a caveat is in place.

The UK Intellectaul Property Office can to notify you of events or actions including:

  • Application published, or withdrawn, refused or deemed abandoned before publication
  • Opposition filed against an application
  • Application registered, withdrawn, refused or abandoned after publication
  • Patent not renewed, renewed or expired
  • Patent surrendered or revoked
  • Assignment application received
  • Patent assigned, either partially or in full

If you would like to monitor a Patent or Patent application, contact us on 0161 820 2891 with your requirements.