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Our people are an important resource and a driving force behind our business. They have experience in providing consulting services relating to various disciplines and sectors. We believe that the combination of their skills and expertise makes our company unique in that we can provide useful solutions to solve the technological challenges faced by our clients at relatively low cost. Our skills enable us to consider every project that we undertake strategically and operationally, which means that work can be implemented quickly, cost effectively and with significant, sustained and visible benefits. We offer recommendations that are transformative, ethical, pragmatic and achievable.

We provide consulting services and research into product development, market research, market analysis, company performance and general engineering/ business research. Consulting assignments involve a number of steps, and can entail investigations, interviews, prototype development, library studies and the commissioning of surveys. If undertaking research into an industry, we will evaluate the main players in the industry, and their position in terms of market share. Lab work may involve modelling, an exploration of advanced concepts and theory, analysis of components / materials that can be used in the requested product design and so on.

Our research can look at things such as:-

  • A thorough review of the sector / technology of interest;
  • Identification of core competencies;
  • Analysis of trends;
  • The position of competitors and their research initiatives;
  • Potential joint venture collaborators;
  • Potential opportunities;
  • Licensing opportunities;
  • Recommendations for innovation and ideas for further research.

Most of our staff have degrees in disciplines such as Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Chemical engineering, and Mechanical engineering with professional certifications from various bodies, as well as practical experience spanning many years. We can project manage engineering projects and provide cost estaimates of how much a particular project is likely to cost.

Depending on the project, we can deliver a physical product as a finished solution, or a detailed report outlining our findings according to the client specification. This can take the form of a concise document for senior management, a detailed printed report, a comprehensive presentation or a combination of all of these.
If you are interested to view the contents of a sample report, please contact us on 0161 820 2891 or via our contact form